Why You Should Never Wear a Heart Rate Monitor Chest Strap Again

Mio Global, Mio Staff

Heart rate monitor chest straps are unpleasant, to say the least; they cut, slip, chafe, and need to be washed as often as you use them. Since we know most people hate wearing chest straps, we asked our Facebook fans to fill in the blank:

“I don’t wear a chest strap anymore because________”.  Here are the best answers we received, with explanations.

1. “It rubbed on a scar I had from the last chest strap I wore.” 

Chafing and scarring is one of the biggest pitfalls of the chest strap. Better have lots of vaseline handy if you’re strapping up.

2. “I feel like I can’t breathe with a tight chest band around my chest when I’m running!”

It can take many uses of the chest strap to get used to the feeling of a tight band wrapped around your upper torso. Adjusting your breathing isn’t easy when your heart rate is in the 150+ range.

3. “I’m sick of washing it, and it stinks.”

You end up being more efficient at doing laundry, but often spend more time cleaning it than using it.

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4. “The only thing that should be hitting my chest is the finish line ribbon.”


5. “It is one more thing to have to carry/worry about.”

Running is the most popular form of exercise because of its simplicity. Chest straps are counter intuitive.

6. “It feels like I’m wearing a second bra! Uncomfortable! #DownWithTheChestStrap!”

Can’t argue with that.

7. “There’s a better alternative…Mio SLICE.”

Since heart rate monitor chest straps are so bulky and inconvenient, they’re not practical for everyday use. The new Mio SLICE activity tracker featuring PAI technology is the only device that gives you actionable feedback on how to improve your fitness and live a healthier life.

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