Special Father’s Day Deal – Mio SLICE

Mio Global, Mio Staff

Motivate Dad to live a longer, healthier life with a new Mio SLICE Heart Rate + Activity Tracker, now $30 off with the promo code DAD30.

If you know a Dad who would benefit from seeing how his exercise contributes to his long-term health and fitness, then this Father’s Day deal is for you.

Mio SLICE is the only activity tracker to feature Personal Activity Intelligence (PAI for short).

PAI is a scientifically-validated metric that translates heart rate data from all activity into one simple number: a PAI score. By Dad keeping his PAI score at or above 100 over a rolling 7 days, he’ll be maximally protected against cardiovascular disease and other lifestyle related diseases, as proven in one of the largest health studies ever performed involving 45,000 people over 25 years.

To learn more about the science behind PAI, read the PAI study in the American Journal of Medicine.

Father's Day deal

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