Now Available! Mio SLICE™ Featuring PAI™

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 By Liz Dickinson, Founder of Mio Global

As you know, I have been on a quest for many years to make heart rate tracking more meaningful so people can achieve their health and fitness goals. In 2012, Mio ALPHA™ was a breakthrough as the first heart rate monitor sport watch featuring a continuous heart rate reading on the wrist. Now I’m excited to share our latest breakthrough with you, the SLICE™ activity tracker—the first device to feature PAI technology.


PAI™ (Personal Activity Intelligence) is an easy-to-understand, single metric that makes heart rate meaningful. PAI translates data from your heart rate from any physical activity, and your personal profile, into PAI points. Simply maintain a PAI score of 100 or more and you are providing your body with maximum protection against cardiovascular disease.*

SLICE featuring the PAI App

Now you can get feedback on your activity levels so that you have a system to manage your health, and one that is scientifically validated. SLICE is designed for everyone—heart rate training is no longer just for high performance athletes; with PAI, it all counts, even the activities that don’t involve steps.

I hope you enjoy SLICE and that it empowers you with insights that keep you on track to stay healthy!



Liz Dickinson
Founder and CEO
Mio Global


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