Mio takes a big SLICE out of CES 2017

Mio Global, Mio Staff

CES 2017 was everything we had hoped for. It was Las Vegas—fittingly the entertainment capital of the world; it was hundreds of thousands of zealous tech consumers, journalists and industry buffs singing our praise; and it was Mio®—equipped with the release of SLICE™, the first activity tracker to feature PAI™. Now that the Sin City dust has settled, the reviews from CES 2017 are starting to roll in!

CES 2017

The Wall Street Journal named Mio as the best of CES 2017: “Unlike trackers that push us to 10,000 daily steps, Mio takes a more scientific approach.”

Men’s Health Magazine repeated the sentiment: “Mio has once again leapfrogged the competition, this time with the release of SLICE,” and CNETTechRadarDigital TrendsWAREABLEThe Verge and others named SLICE among the best devices of the week.

PC Magazine called SLICE “one of the most intriguing wearable devices at CES 2017.”

Watch Mio CEO Liz Dickinson discuss the importance of SLICE and PAI with Men’s Health Magazine at CES 2017!

Mio also received the 2017 Editor’s Choice Award from Women’s Health Magazine! “That Mio has been recognized by Women’s Health, such an important brand in the health and fitness space, is a testament to what we strive for in the development of our activity trackers,” Mio Founder and CEO Liz Dickinson said.

Mio SLICE is the first wearable to capture your heart rate data all-day among all types of activities—including the likes of gardening and yoga—and translate that data into your PAI score. SLICE also features sleep tracking, calories burned, distance tracking, and smartphone notifications.

Get your Mio SLICE—now available online at Brookstone.

CES 2017 was a major success and our presence and achievements represent the wonderful year ahead of us!


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