Mio FUSE Firmware Update for iOS

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Great news! A Mio FUSE firmware update is now available to iOS users (and will be available for Android users shortly).

The new firmware incorporates many features and changes requested by our users, including:

 • Pause a workout by holding the Heart Rate/Timer touchpoint (instead of just tapping), to make it harder to accidentally pause

• You can lock your screens in Workout Mode, All-Day Mode and/or both modes

• The activation angle for touchpoints is wider for easier touch navigation on the go

• You’ll get notifications when the 30 hours of workout memory is almost full. Low memory messages will begin when your FUSE has only 2 hours of memory left.

• Even after your workout memory is full, you can continue transmitting heart rate to other devices via ANT+ and Bluetooth LE (note that it will not be recorded)

• The maximum time length of a workout is increased from 10 hours to 24 hours

• Goal progress is now displayed as a percentage, rather than a bar

• When the timer is paused, the pace/speed will be the average pace/speed up until that point, not instantaneous

• After you reach 19,999 steps, your steps will be displayed as 20.0k, 20.1k, and so on

• You have a new Daily Goal option to set a Total Calories goal

• Bug fixes, algorithm refinements, and user interface improvements

Here’s how to update your FUSE:

1. Ensure that your Mio FUSE is fully charged, and place it close to your phone/tablet.

2. Make sure you have version 2.4.1 of the Mio GO app installed on your phone/tablet.

3. Open the Mio GO app and select Help from the Menu (see this menu icon):  step_3


4. Select Software Update.


5. Connect to your Mio FUSE, by selecting it from the list of Discovered Devices.


6. Follow the prompts to update your firmware.

mio-go-ota-screen-04 (1)

If you have questions or need help, check out our troubleshooting tips, or drop us a line at support@mioglobal.com.

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