High Intensity Training: Fartlek Running Workout

Dorette Franks, Mio Athlete

One of the best things a runner can do to improve speed is to add fartlek workouts into their training regimen. If you’re unsure what fartlek is, check out my previous blog post, which explains the fun history and value of the fartlek. Once you’re all caught up, try this fartlek running workout!

Duration: 30 to 45 minutes

Note: If you’re newer to running and/or run interval training, you may opt to run for 30 minutes rather than the full 45. You can build to 45 minutes in duration over three weeks.

Step 1: Begin by warming up for 10 minutes at an easy effort then

Step 2: Build to a moderate pace, zone 3, and hold for 3 minutes.

Step 3: Incorporate 8-10 fartlek intervals (unstructured distances and paces) with full recoveries (easy jog), zone 1, between each interval.

Step 4: Challenge yourself to reach a certain point or to sustain the effort. Effort on the intervals is challenging, zone 4 – 5 effort. If you cannot hold your pace/effort to the point you chose, then bring your effort down a notch but continue to the destination before slowing down to recovery.

Step 5: Finish with 8 to 10 minutes of an easy, cool down jog

Step 6: Stretch!

Need More of a Challenge? Try running fartleks with a group of friends! Each person should designate a duration, distance, or point-to-point interval.

Have fun!

By Dorette Franks, founder of Fueling 4 Life and co-owner of Trifiniti Endurance. Dorette offers individual, group, and corporate fitness and nutrition wellness coaching to those seeking nutrition balance, weight loss and athletic performance. Her training plans have been utilized by Nike, The San Francisco Aids Foundation, the Golden Gate Triathlon Club, and has received accolades in SHAPERunners World, and Women’s Healthmagazines.

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