DIY Spinning® Workout: Endurance Ride

Sydney D’Agostino,

This DIY Spinning® workout is designed for those looking to improve their aerobic capacity and endurance and speed on a spin bike at home or at the gym. The intervals are based on heart rate zones 3 and 4. 

Summary: Predominately in the saddle work (when you’re a sitting on the seat). Focus on maintaining a consistent cadence and resistance. If you need to give your hiney a break from the saddle, come up to a standing flat for no longer than 20 seconds.

What you need: Your spin bike (of course!), your Mio Performance Wearable with the heart rate monitor turned on, a cadence sensor (or metronome), water, and a towel!

Total Workout Time: Approximately 50 minutes.

Tips for success

If you haven’t already read my Spinning Glossary, I recommend you do so before you begin this workout.

As always, with any of the ride profiles I provide, make sure you add in or subtract resistance (usually within +/- 1 to 2 gears from what I recommend) as you need to in order to achieve the targeted heart rate zone stated in each interval.

During this workout, while in the saddle, keep your cadence and your resistance constant, and allow your heart rate to settle in at heart rate zones 2 – 3, Endurance Zones ONLY. Focus on your breathing, your pedal strokes being fluid, efficient, and powerful, and most importantly, have fun!

With regard to a playlist accompanying this ride, you get to choose! A playlist full of your favorite tracks, ballads to sing along to or even classical music are all fabulous choices! Just make sure that whatever you choose, the music is mellow, allowing you to focus on your mind-body and stay in control of your heart rate.

Let’s Ride!


The Workout


65% MHR / HR Zone 2

5 minute warm up

90RPM, flat road.


65% MHR / HR Zone 2

Ride for Calories

No faster than 110RPM, no higher than 2 levels (If you’re on a bike with a resistance KNOB, 1 level= one ½ turn. If you’re on a bike with actual resistance level numbers, follow the number suggested) above YOUR flat road.


70% MHR / HR Zone 3

8-10 ‘Rolling Hills’

Ride ‘up’ the hill at 110RPM for 30 seconds, then ‘down’ the hill at 85RPM for 1 minute. Repeat this 8-10 times.


75% MHR / HR Zone 3

Ride for Distance (2 miles)

No faster than 110RPM, no higher than 2 levels above your flat road (this should take up to 10 minutes).


75% MHR / HR Zone 3

5 min @ ‘tough’ flat road.

Ride at 85RPM


80% MHR / HR Zone 4 / “Rolling Hills”

Ride ‘up’ the hill at 110RPM for 30 seconds, then ‘down’ the hill at 85RPM for 1 minute. Repeat this 4 times, adding a half level/gear after the 2nd round, and another half after the 3rd round.


65% MHR / HR Zone 2 / COOL DOWN

5-10 minutes on flat road, riding at 80RPM



Stretch and hydrate well after.

Written by Mio Blogger and Certified Spinning® Instructor, Sydney D’Agostino.  Follow Sydney on Instagram @paleoptimistic.

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