DIY Spinning® Workout: Alphabet AMRAP

Sydney D’Agostino,

This DIY Spinning® workout is designed for those looking to have some fun while getting their cardio in!

For the record, AMRAP stands for As Many Rounds As Possible. Do this AMRAP in 52 minutes (time does not include warm up or cool down).

What you need

Your spin bike (of course!), your Mio Performance Wearable with the heart rate monitor turned on, a cadence sensor (or metronome), an interval timer (Interval Timer Free app works great!), water, and a towel.

Total Workout Time

Approximately 60 minutes

Tips for Success

If you haven’t already read my Spinning Glossary, I recommend you do so before you begin this workout.

As always, with any of the ride profiles I provide, make sure you add in or subtract resistance (usually within +/- 1 to 2 gears from what I recommend) as you need to in order to achieve the targeted heart rate zone stated in each interval.

Prior to this workout, I suggest that you write out your drills in order and/or set up your interval timer so that you don’t have to think/remember too much during the ride.

Keep in mind: everyone’s heart rate will differ since you’ll be spelling your own names in the Mio GO heart rate graph! Remember that when you come out of the saddle, your heart rate will raise 10-12%!


DIY Spinning Class Graph


Post your HR graphs after you complete the ride! Tag Mio Global, #TrainWithHeart, and #SydnSpinABCamrap on social media. We’d love to see your heart rate graph!

With regard to a playlist accompanying this ride, you get to choose! Whatever you like to rock out to is perfect.

Let’s ride!


Warm up

4 minutes, flat road with surges, no faster than 110 RPM.


1. Saddle climb, 1 minute, 60-80 RPM

2. Flat, 30 seconds, 80-110 RPM

3. Jumps, 20 total (up+down = 1), 6 count with beat

4. Standing flat @ HP2, 45 seconds, 80-110 RPM

5. HP3, 1 minute, 60-80 RPM

6. Flat, 1 minute, 80-110 RPM

7. Saddle climb, 3 minutes, 60-80 RPM

8. RPM CHANGE! SURGE (add 10-15 RPM to previous drill, repeat previous drill)

9. Tabata sprints (110 RPM work, 80 RPM rest… x 8)

10. Jumps on a Hill, 10 total (up+down = 1), 8 count, add level after #5.

11. Saddle climb, 1 minute, 60-80 RPM

12. Standing flat, HP2, 1 minute, 80-110 RPM

13. Flat, 45 seconds, 80-110 RPM

14. HP3, 30 seconds, 60-80 RPM

15. Jumps, 1 minute, YOU CHOOSE COUNT—4, 6, or 8 with beat.

16. RPM CHANGE! SURGE! (add 10-15 RPM to previous drill, repeat previous drill)

17. Add 2+ RESISTANCE (repeat previous drill)

18. Standing flat HP2, 20 seconds, 80-110 RPM

19. Saddle climb, 2 minutes, 60-80 RPM

20. HP3, 2 minutes, 60-80 RPM

21. Flat, 1 minute 80-110 RPM

22. Jumps on a hill, 45 seconds, you choose count- 4, 6, or 8. Add resistance after 25 seconds.

23. Tabata Sprints (110 RPM work, 80 RPM rest… x 8)

24. Standing flat, HP2, 20 seconds, 80-110 RPM

25. RPM CHANGE! Surge!! (add 10-15 RPM to previous drill, repeat previous drill)

26. Saddle Climb, 4 minutes, 60-80 RPM

Cool Down for 4 minutes, flat road, 85-100RPM

End of Spinning Workout

Don’t forget to stretch and hydrate well immediately after this workout.

Tag your HR graphs! #trainwithheart #SYDnSPINabcAMRAP

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Written by Mio Blogger and Certified Spinning® Instructor, Sydney D’Agostino.  Follow Sydney on Instagram @sydneydelucchi.

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