Celebrate Canada’s Birthday with 150 PAI

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This Canada Day is special because it’s Canada’s 150th birthday! And what better way to celebrate than by earning 150 PAI with your Mio SLICE.

Generally we encourage Mio SLICE users to aim for 100 PAI over a rolling 7-days, but 150 is also a very tangible goal.

Here are a couple easy ways you can push yourself, even during the hot July weather, to earn 150 PAI points for Canada.


Mio is giving away 150 SLICE devices in honour of Canada. Enter here for a chance to win your free SLICE!


canada 150
Courtesy: Chasing Sunrise

There’s no better way to experience a sunrise that from the lookout point of a well-earned hike. Last Canada Day, Chasing Sunrise took 350+ Canadians to the top of Mount Seymour in Vancouver to view the sunrise together!

This extra bit of exercise is a great way to add to your weekly PAI points and won’t take extra time out of your day.

To really make a day of it, check out this list of Canada’s Longest Hikes


The lumberjack stereotype will never die, so like true Canadians, we embrace it. But we’re also known for caring about our environment, so when it comes to being a lumberjack, it’s best to avoid cutting down trees and wielding a large axe.

This lumberjack workout created by Darebee is the next  best thing.

Canada 150

3. HIIT Workout at a Famous Canadian Beach

Canada 150

It’s not all winter weather in the great white north. From coast to coast, Canada boasts some of the world’s most incredible beaches. So take your workout outside and enjoy the beautiful summer weather while earning that extra 50 PAI points, and seeing the best of what Canada has to offer.

Our Top Canadian Beaches

Skaha Beach, Penticton, BC

Best known for: Volleyball, basketball and tennis courts, and water park!

Singing Sands Beach, Basin Head Provincial Park, Souris, Prince Edward Island

Best known for: Its “squeaking” sound the sand makes and its warm (21 degrees) water.

Kluane Lake, Kluane National Park and Reserve, Yukon

Best known for: Being a UNESCO World Heritage site, and a home to many grizzlies!

Manitou Beach, Little Manitou Lake, Saskatchewan

Best known for: Its dense water you can float in (Canada’s version of the Dead Sea).

Wasaga Beach, Wasaga Beach Provincial Park, Ontario

Best known for: At 14 kilometres long, it’s touted as the world’s longest freshwater beach!

Long Beach, Pacific Rim National Park, British Columbia

Best known for: Some of the most consistent surfing on the planet.

For more of Canada’s best beaches, check out this list.


Canada 150

July is hot. So if you’re to go for a run, it’s best to tackle it in the morning. Running is one of the best ways to earn PAI points, and best ways to appreciate your surroundings!

All you need to do is add one or two runs into your regular fitness routine and you will easily be able to earn that extra 50 PAI.

Don’t forget to enter our Canada Day 150 Contest where you could win a free Mio SLICE!


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