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How PAI is Calculated

When Personal Activity Intelligence (PAI™) was developed, it was done so with the primary goal of impacting people’s long-term health. In the years following the HUNT … Read More

New Study Proves PAI Reduces Health Risks From Sedentary Lifestyle

Sitting for up to 7 hours is the norm at workplaces around the world, but a new study shows that Mio’s Personal Activity Intelligence (PAI) … Read More

How PAI improves long-term health & fitness

From its concept to research, development and release, the purpose of Personal Activity Intelligence (PAI™) has been to motivate people to improve their long-term health. … Read More

Mio LINK & ALPHA 2 Firmware Updates for iOS

Firmware updates are now available for Mio LINK and Mio ALPHA 2 for iOS users (and will be available to Android users soon). These updates provide algorithm … Read More

Mio FUSE Firmware Update for iOS

Great news! A Mio FUSE firmware update is now available to iOS users (and will be available for Android users shortly). The new firmware incorporates many features and changes … Read More

Running Tips from a Pro Track Athlete

One of the greatest exercises you can do to keep your body in peak condition, your mind with clarity of thought, and your heart … Read More