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Falling off the Wagon

One thing that every athlete shares is their battle with motivation. We all battle physically when we pursue our goals, but we also endure … Read More

At 65, Sarah Made a Change

If I were to ask, what is the most important outcome you would hope to achieve from your running workouts? I’d probably get a … Read More

5 Tips on Improving Heart Health

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Get Motivated to Move in 2016 with These Fitness Quotes

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Running Drills: Master Your Run Finesse

This article piggybacks my last post, Running Drills: Master Your Run Form, where I introduced one of the most basic run form fundamentals called, … Read More

The Twelve Ways of Holiday Fitness

We all know that the winter holidays are among the busiest times of the year. Traveling, shopping, family reunions, social gatherings, and other obligations … Read More

Best Holiday Gifts for Triathletes – 2015 Edition

In 2014 we offered several ideas on how to shop for your favorite triathlete during the holiday season. Our feedback was so positive we … Read More

How to Prevent Weight Gain Over Thanksgiving

The holidays are notable time to back off from structured training and forgo working out. Maintaining and not gaining weight over the holidays can be … Read More

6 Things Every Athlete Should Know About Nutrition for Injuries

Let’s face it – injury happens and in the worst form: stress fractures, broken collarbones, muscle strains, ligament sprains, and even skin wounds, leaving … Read More