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How To Calculate Your Heart Rate Zones

Without an activity tracker, it’s hard to know whether your workouts are improving your health and fitness. It can take weeks, sometimes even months, to notice … Read More

Get a Better Night’s Sleep with Mio SLICE

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3 Easy Steps To Calculate Heart Rate & Heart Rate Zones

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Video: How to Use Heart Rate Training to Improve Your Recovery, Speed & Endurance

Universal Sports partnered with Mio for the “Race to Recovery” series. These episodes focussed on the importance of using a heart rate monitor to build speed and … Read More

How to Calculate Your Resting Heart Rate

In a previous post, we took you through how to calculate all your heart rate zones, but in this post, you’ll learn how to … Read More

The Best Training Plan Ever: Listen to Your Body

I’m about to let you in on a secret about the best training plan ever written. This won’t take long so pay attention. The … Read More

How to Use Your Heart Rate to Measure Your Recovery

Your resting heart rate can tell you whether you’re overtraining or under-training. It can also tell you how fit you’ve become over time. Below … Read More

The Best Way to Tell if Your Workouts Are Paying Off

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Maximize Your Recovery With Active Recovery Workouts

Understanding the relationship between working hard and making fitness gains comes easy for most athletes. We’ve all heard the age-old metaphor, “No pain no … Read More