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6 Stretching Exercises Every Runner Needs To Know

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At 65, Sarah Made a Change

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DIY Spinning® Workout: Alphabet AMRAP

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Video: How to Use Heart Rate Training to Improve Your Recovery, Speed & Endurance

Universal Sports partnered with Mio for the “Race to Recovery” series. These episodes focussed on the importance of using a heart rate monitor to build speed and … Read More

Get Motivated to Move in 2016 with These Fitness Quotes

When it comes to New Year’s fitness resolutions, we could all use a little motivation to keep us on the right track. In order to … Read More

Running Drills: Master Your Run Finesse

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Best Holiday Gifts for Triathletes – 2015 Edition

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How to Avoid the Fade & Boost Your Run Endurance

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DIY Spinning® Workout: The Speed Demon

This DIY Spinning® Workout is designed to challenge your ability to maintain your cadence while in the saddle. It’s also built to improve your … Read More