5 Trending Fitness Classes To Try This Summer

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Getting bored of spinning and zumba? Looking to shake up your workout? It’s proven that mixing up your workout can help you breakthrough a weight loss plateau. If you stick to the same workout routine, your muscles will adapt to these movements and they will become easier over time – you will actually burn less calories doing the same amount of exercise. Not to mention, trying new fitness trends will help you build new muscles and help prevent overuse injuries.

Another great benefit of switching up your exercise is preventing workout boredom. Imagine hitting the elliptical every day for a month. Eventually, the mere sight of that machine will demotivate you. These new fitness trends might actually get your excited about working out again, meaning you will eventually see better results.

Find out which of the following fitness classes will work best for you and kick your exercise routine into overdrive. And don’t forget, most of these fitness classes have the option for a free introductory class available, so why not give them a shot?


5 summer fitness trends

What we love about Orange Theory is that it’s all about your heart rate (and it uses Mio’s heart rate technology during the classes!)

Your heart rate is the most personalized measure of your fitness level and it changes with you as your fitness level improves. Orange Theory targets the heart rate zone that spikes metabolism and increases energy. Your heart rate zone is displayed on a monitor so your instructor can keep you accountable and push you into the appropriate heart rate zone. The workouts are mixture of cardio sprints on the treadmill or rowing machine, as well as weight training.

If you’re a member of Orange Theory, your pass is eligible at any of their locations worldwide. The locations are primarily located throughout the United States and Canada, but they can also be found in other countries, including Australia, Mexico and the United Kingdom.

If you love seeing your fitness progress and results in tangible numbers than Orange Theory may be a good choice for your next workout.

Learn more about heart rate training here or start training on your own with the Mio SLICE heart rate monitor.



5 summer fitness trends

Piloxing is part Pilates, part boxing (hence the name) and a dash of dance. The goal is to incorporate the power and strength of boxing with the flexibility and lean muscle-building of pilates to maximize calories-burned in every workout.

Piloxing is available in over 80 countries around the world with thousands of certified instructors. You can easily search for a location on the Piloxing website, and find an instructor near you.

Piloxing does not necessarily have their own studios, but work through individual instructors who have been certified by the program.



5 summer fitness trends

A workout routine designed to prepare you for surfing gnarly waves or, simply, to get you that idealistic surfer’s physique. WaveShape is a full-body workout that targets your flexibility, balance and coordination for leaner muscles.

Best of all, this fitness trend is free and available online at WaveShape’s website or on YouTube. So if you are looking for a less expensive way to switch up your workout routine, this may be the best option for you!


5 summer fitness trends

Animal Flow compiles bodyweight exercises with animalistic movements that have been used for thousands of years to improve flexibility and strength. At first, these movements can be intimidating for a beginner but, just like any other fitness trend such as yoga or pilates, you can start off easier and increase the difficulty of the movements.

These movements can be used in your warm-up, incorporated into your existing workout, or as a stand-alone workout. You can either purchase the instructional video, find a certified instructor near you or attend a class at Equinox Fitness clubs.


5 summer fitness trends

Bodyblade is a workout tool that uses vibrations to tone your body. Shaped like a bow, Bodyblade can be incorporate into your existing bodyweight workouts to further challenge your muscles.

If you are looking for a tool to amp up your existing workout, Bodyblade may be the next fitness trend you should try out.

But whether or not Bodyblade is effective is still up for debate. Although the founder is very knowledgeable of the fitness industry and has solid evidence supporting this device, there are many reviews explaining the lack of results.

Whichever one of these fitness trends you decide on, make sure you are tracking your heart rate for optimal results!

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